June 1, 2020

Thursday, June 11th, 2020, 11:00, on Zoom.

Michele Pra Baldi (University of Cagliari)
Extensions of paraconsistent weak Kleene logic (j.w.w. F. Paoli)


Paraconsistent Weak Kleene Logic (PWK) is the 3-valued logic based on the weak Kleene matrices and with two designated values. In this paper, we investigate the poset of prevarieties of generalised involutive bisemilattices, focussing in particular on the order ideal generated by Alg(PWK). Applying to this poset a general result by Alexej Pynko, we prove that, apart from classical logic, the only proper nontrivial extension of PWK is its maximally structurally incomplete companion: PWKE, Paraconsistent Weak Kleene Logic plus Explosion. We describe its consequence relation via a variable-inclusion criterion and identify its Suszko reduced models.

The seminar will be held on Zoom. In order to get access to the Zoom meeting, please contact Peter Schuster.