Minicourse "The dynamical method in commutative algebra"

August 7, 2020

The dynamical method in commutative algebra
Ihsen Yengui (Univ. Sfax, Tunisia)

The minicourse “The dynamical method in commutative algebra” (12h) has been videoregistered in August 2020. Members of the University of Verona who wish to follow the course but are not authorised to access this link are kindly asked to contact Giulio Fellin.

Transfinite methods, typically in the form of a variant of Zorn’s Lemma, are frequently invoked during proofs in commutative algebra. Dynamical methods have proved practicable to still render constructive proofs of that kind. Roughly speaking, ideal objects such as prime ideals are approximated by paths in finite trees which are grown as the proofs in question demand and carry the information required for the desired computation.